The reports concerning legal conditions regarding the employment of disabled people in Poland, Germany and France...


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How to use the platform ICP? - User Manual
We invite all people interested in education and employment of people with disabilities to use the platform
Browsing through the platform is open for general use without having to log on.
However, we encourage you to register in the platform. Registered users can download published documents, participate in surveys and participate in discussions.

Rules for registration and login:
In the registration form, enter the following data:
• username
• e-mail address
• password
• you must also select from the list a group of people or institution which you represent
This data is collected for statistical purposes of the project. If you do not wish to provide such information, please select from the list "other".

Main menu of IICP Platform includes the following modules:

The module LAW provides reports concerned with legal conditions regarding the employment of disabled people in Poland, Germany and France. Reports can be downloaded by registered users only.

The module PROMOTION provides promotional materials of the project. Materials are available for general public.
The module BASE includes two parts:
• base of schools in Silesian region, which teach students with disabilities
• base of jobs for people with disabilities in Silesian region
An access to these resources is available for general use.
Both databases are integrated with the search engine.

In the online base of jobs selection can be made according to
• Industry
• Municipalities
• Profession
• Education

The database contains references (links) to each job.

In the online base of school selection can be made according to
• Municipalities
• Type of school
• Causes of disability
• taught profession
• whether Tthe building is adapted to people with physical disabilities
The database contains contact information for individual schools.
The module SURVEYS consists of two parts: a questionnaire and test results.
In the questionnaires are provided research tools to be completed by registered users. Currently, the database includes three questionnaires:
• The interview questionnaire for people with disabilities
• The interview questionnaire for employers of people with disabilities
• The interview questionnaire for employees of schools where disabled pupils are taught
The research which is carried out by these tools is designed to diagnose and analyze problems of employing people with disabilities.
Surveys can be filled by registered users only. In the square TOKEN the user must enter their name.

The result of the survey is available for general use. Here are provided the results of all the tests carried out under the project.

Observing posts on the forum is open for general. Commenting on the forum requires registration. Each registered user can post threads and comment on other users entries in all categories (parts of) forum.

In this section are provided links to institutions and organizations connected with the employment of disabled people.

Here are the contact details of the project office.