The reports concerning legal conditions regarding the employment of disabled people in Poland, Germany and France...


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Innovative Cooperation Platform for Employment of Disabled People

Innovative Cooperation Platform ( ICP ) is a network of partners working for the benefit of the employment of people with disabilities:
- Employers ,
- People with disabilities
- The educational system subjects responsible for the education of people with disabilities
- District Labour Offices
- Legislators ,
- Foundations supporting people with disabilities
ICP platform was created as a part of the " PI- PIW - Innovative Cooperation Platform ( ICP ) for the benefit of the employment of people with disabilities " , co-financed by the European Social Fund, which is implemented under the Operational Human Capital Programme 2007-2013 . Priority VII "Promoting Social Inclusion ", 7.2. " Prevention against social exclusion and strengthening social economy ", 7.2.1 " Professional and social activation of people at risk of social exclusion " .
The project is implemented by the company Trawipol AZ Sp. z o.o. based in Zabrze on the ground of contract with the Marshall Office of the Silesian Province , in partnership with the District Labour Office in Zabrze , Kästner Kolleg eV association, Dresden (Germany ) and the city of Seclin (France) .
How to use the platform ICP? - User Manual